Friday, May 8, 2020

F•P•F | A New Series

Focal Point Fridays will be posted every Friday, Hopefully!

Focal Point Fridays (FPF) is a new series I'm starting, in which I highlight past and current events, experiences & exciting news stories that are significant and/or interesting to me. My FPF chapters will be posted every Friday & unlike my other series (SMS - Sharpening My Skills), I won't get technical with specific camera settings or techniques.

Focal Point Fridays are a way for me to talk about the photography related things I'm excited about, in as much detail as I want. My first chapter will focus on an event I photographed for the City of Sugar Land in August of 2016 — "Welcome Home Olympians - Simone Manuel & Steven Lopez." The City of Sugar Land welcomed home two Olympic athletes after the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

The first chapter of FPF will be posted later today at 12:30AM (CST)

—Michael Tollestrup

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