Thursday, March 11, 2021

No More Nikon? ... Maybe? Possibly. IDK!

What on earth could possibly be the case. I'm thinking of switching. Dare I say it twice, and heaven forbid a third time? Yes. I'm thinking about switching from Nikon, to... well, I actually don't know to what, if anything.

What phantasmagoria has betwixt me?

If I choose to continue my photography, professionally, I need to consider not only my future, but that of the field of photography, and by extension, Nikon. The decisions that Nikon as a company make when deciding what camera to make, what features to include, or not include, affect me as a photography. 

Allow me to explain. What if, for instance, Nikon decides not to make a pro-grade camera that has exceptional autofocus, but not enough lens choices. As a photojournalist, I may need a wide angle lens to document a political event, but what if a lens doesn't exist for that camera? This may seem arbitrary, but it is a possibility for Nikon. It does, quite honestly, sadden me to say that Nikon is losing money, as a company. Yes, the overall industry is declining, but Nikon seems to be on a further, more rapid decline.

And therein lies the issue. What happens, if because Nikon decides a lens, or camera or feature isn't worth pursuing, I can't purse my task, my job, my passion? I'll admit, it may be a stretch now, however it may be possible in the future. I need to accept that Nikon is not a company to continue to invest in.

WAIT!!! What is this sudden nonsense propaganda about Nikon's future? I'd be remise if I didn't follow the photography industry, and fellow photographers of all levels. No one can learn on their own, completely. Take, for instance, a painter. They can learn about as much as possible about materials, techniques, methods of applying the paint, etc. But what about the painter's they look up to, are influenced by or are surrounded by? We all learn by studying others, it's in our nature, and photography is no exception.

All the same that can be said for studying other artists, athletes, whatever, can certainly be applied to also studying the respective industry. What is the latest camera, the newest flash, the newest technique, the newest up and coming multi-pop artist? Who can I learn from? Where are the newest, never before seen photography spots? Who are the yet to be discovered models? 

Lastly, I need to follow, arguably, closest of all, the company(ies) that make and supply the tools I choose to use. If I choose to continue my passion of photography, I need to know about the financial security of the companies I invest in. Is Profoto going to be financially stable enough for me to be able to get service, maintenance and future products? What about Nikon? What about Apple? As many photographers can attest, photography is a long-term commitment. For some, it's a life-long commitment.

There are those who can appreciate the following statement: "They don't make things like they used to." My dad bought, about 5 years ago, an old tabletop saw, and table. It was probably 300 pounds, and certainly made in the late 80s. It's older than me, and quite honestly will probably outlast me. Yes, there are many things that can, and will degrade over time. Things fall out of use, popularity and even usability. When it comes to cameras, that is certainly the case.

Canon completely got rid of the FD and FL mounts. Some may argue the mounts are still usable, but I don't think anyone will argue with this: The FD and FL mounts were almost indestructible, bulletproof even. Canon saw enough need, demand and future potential when deciding to change from the FD mount to the FL mount, and eventually the penultimate decision: to change from the FL mount to the EF mount. 

And that's my point. I can't say for certain that Nikon has the cashflow required to sustain the decisions it will need to make in order to continue to be an option for me. Now I could be wrong. It may very well be the case. In fact, I just received a preview email from Nikon, detailing an upcoming, all new, Mirrorless Nikon Z9. This camera is going to be a game changer, pun intended*

*I hope. Seriously, I truly want Nikon to remain successful. I do! I want Nikon to finally catch up to Canon, the way many Nikon photographers have wanted for years, and yes decades! However, I need to be optimistic. That is why I am slowly, thoughtfully and cautiously considering my future as a Nikon photographer.

> LATER THIS WEEK — I'll talk about the latest rumor-inducing announcement, that is the Nikon Z9!
> LATER THIS MONTH — I'll detail my newly updated branding designs, and I'll also explain how branding can be important for any photographer, or creative designer!


—Michael Tollestrup

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